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Story and feature from Gold Coast Community TV.

Art Exhibition @ Miami Marketta

The Miami Marketta hosted one of its Wednesday evening art exhibitions featuring artists Tamara Armstrong, Sabine Bannard, and Sam Randall in conjunction with their regular midweek Tapas Club.

There were plenty of people enjoying the great art, atmosphere, food, and music which Heidi Pozzan went to experience first hand and talk to the artists. Here are some of the highlights.

Video by @mediagoldcoast


Interviews with artists at the exhibition.  

CRT Designs

CRT Designs (Courtenay McCue) is a mixed media artist based on the Gold Coast. Courtenay's trademark is 'CRT' which is derived from her nickname Court, and has now developed into her artist signature symbol. Her design brand CRT is gaining worldwide attention due to her re-imagining of popular culture, shedding a previously unseen or unthought of light onto well known characters. Art is about perspective. 

Video by @mediagoldcoast

The Chroma Club

An interview with talented local artist Kim as she showcased her latest collection of Mandalas and decorative furnishings at an exhibition titled ‘From Mother Earth’ at Miami Marketta.


To find out more information and to keep up-to-date with all her latest creations, visit

Video by @mediagoldcoast

Beach Dreamer

An interview with creative and nature loving local artist Angela as she showcased her collection of dreamcatchers, paintings, and art pieces at an exhibition titled ‘From Mother Earth’ at @miamimarketta.


You can see more of her latest designs and information by following her on 

Video by @mediagoldcoast

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